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The Bremen

 From “The Bremen” © Fred W. Hotson

top image April 26, 1928


April  26th, 1928:

Pilots: Bernt Balchen +

Captain Herman Koehl*

Major James Fitzmaurice*

Baron Ehrenfried Guenther Von Huenefeld*

*[“The Ford Trimotor had a slow flight back to lake Ste. Agnes with the three pilots taking turns and the controls..”] The Bremen

Greenly Island – Lac St. Agnes., La Malbaie

April  27th, 1928:

La Malbaie – Curtiss Field, Long Island


W/O: A 6687

Mr. Geo Goin [Superintendent] -


1.  Replace skin on fuselage where it was buckled

2.  Replace the broken wicker chairs in cabin.

3.  Check over the brakes.

4.  Touch up all of the blue paint outside of plane and the white in the toilet compartment.

5.  Replace the glass handle on window on left side of cockpit

6.  Check over all control wires.

7.  Change heater in cabin as the heat goes up and not over the floor as it should.

8.  Repair around the door in ceiling of cabin.

9.  Check over all hose clamps that hold stream lines on.

10.  Check over the metal screws in hatch covers and around center section of fuselage.

11.  Replace stream-line on right side of landing gear.

12.  Repair skin on right wing in front of exhaust pipes.

13.  Replace cover over tail skid rubbers.

14.  Replace skin on left side of fuselage at rear.

15.  Repair wash-bowl and hook up overflow-pipe.

16.  Repair the metal strip on inside of cabin door at lock.

17.  Check over all of the cowling.

18.  Gas shutoff valves leak and gas drops out of carburetor continuously.

H. L. Russell



Part of C-1077 is now on Admiral Byrd’s tri-motor “The Floyd Bennett”


In the work order below the shop is instructed to: 11. Remove ski brackets and install on 4AT-15.  4AT-15 is Ford tri-motor NX-4542, “The Floyd Bennett”, which if the ship Admiral Byrd took to Antarctica and over the South Pole. It is now in the Henry Ford museum and still carries the ski brackets originally used on C-1007 for the Bremen rescue.

May 3, 1928:

There is a hand written note from the first list stapled to the typed list (below)

Hand note says:

1. Door into wind in front of cabin is warped.

2. Replace pyralin in baggage room door.

3. Toilet should be washed out or painted

4.  Streamline on left front strut (Landing gear) [then continue with list….]


W/O: “A 6888-”

1.   Remove center motor #7684 (J5 ca) and install motor #7799 (J5 aa)

2.  Remove the additional gas and oil tanks with connections which were installed for Greenly Island trip.

3.  Repair trim.

4.  Install new streamline on landing gear axle, left front

5.  Reverse brake beams.

6.  Check over all exhaust pipes and repair where necessary.

7.  Repair stabilizer tip caps

8.  Repaint were necessary

9.  Install chairs

10.  Install carpet

11. Remove ski brackets and install on 4AT-15 [Byrd’s ship, “The Floyd Bennett”]

12.  Replace streamlines (shock absorber unit)

13. Check ship throughout.

14. Replace hand starters with electric starters.

15. Install pitot tube that was removed from this plane three weeks ago.

16.  Install new propeller on right side.

17.  Remove felt from oil tanks and carburetors.

18.  Check stabilizer adjustment, works hard.

19.  Replace hinges on door between cockpit and baggage compartment and repair door.

20.  Replace tail skid shoe.

21.  Repair center primer lines.

[hand note]: Don’t add to this list. Request additions at office

May 17, 1928:

W/O: A 6919

1.  Remove two motors from sip 4AT-21 after test hop and install on Ship 4AT-10.

2.  Remove electric starters from 4AT-10 and install hand inertia starters.

3.  [this typed but scratched out] Remove landing lights, switches, cables, etc; and plug up holes by using dural plate.

4.  [this is typed but circled with large NO] Install standard oil tnks.

5.  Remove all uniflow lubricators and install alemite cups

6.  Remove name “Ford” side of fuselage

7.  Touch up paint where needed.

8.  Repair trim.

9.  Remove radio equipment

10.  Remove gyroscope control equipment.

11.  Put cable stop on stabilizer.

12.  [this typed but crossed out] Remove primer lines and put in standard lines.

13.  Install new low back chairs where needed.  [note: not crossed out on typed copy]

14-19 see May 19, 1928 note below]

Hand written note says: 14. Tighten brakes

                                       15. Remove tail wheel on 4AT21 and install on 10.

                                       16. Install Pioneer Compass

                                       17-19 same as May 19, 1928 below.

20.  [hand written] Install tool box back of Station #6

21.  [hand written] Change gas valves.

May 17, 1928:

W/O: A6920-

Skyview Lines Inc.



Extras for ship 4AT-10

1. Remove Dept of Commerce Number on tip and bottom of wind and replace with lettering as per sketch.

*2.  Paint on right side under windows “This machine flew Mrs. Lindbergh to Mexico (2” letters).

Under pilot’s window on both sides “Niagara” (4” letters).

On left side under windows “This machine flew to the rescue of the Bremen crew. (2” letters)

3. Install gasoline gauge.

5/17/28 G R Goin


* [this wording was subsequently altered and the type enlarged sometime between when  Ford first painted it on in May of 1927 and when we see the new larger wording in a September 1929] The new wording, with both lines on the left side reads: “THIS PLANE FLEW MRS. LINDBERGH TO MEXICO AND RETURN” below which it reads, “LATER USED BY FLOYD BENNETT TO RESCUE BREMEN FLYERS”

May 19, 1928:


To: G J Carl[?}

Items listed below are in addition to typewritten list charged to A6919 (4AT10)

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